jon hendren - a perfect man

my name is jon hendren. i am a writer from california. i am cool and good.

i have a computer and a cat and a car. that is all i want and all i have ever wanted.

i get on twitter sometimes, and i write every now and then for publications like something awful, vice, and whoever else gives me money.

if you have played games from kabam or gaia interactive, i have probably darkened your cyber-doorstep with my game words. in that sense i am already your friend.

some of the stuff i've done has been talked about in techcrunch, rolling stone, gawker, forbes, buzzfeed, wsj, san francisco magazine, mashable, and some others. it's pretty good, i suppose.

freelancing is getting old and i'd like a full-time gig. i am pleasant and i don't mess up the bathroom. hire me if you want.

email me if you feel like it. my email address is my first name and my last name and then at the end of it.

that's about it really, bye.